Offshore "Wahoo Smoker " Red Bullet Head 12" Trolling Lure


$68.00 $75.00
SKU: B0156X2A8A

  • Offshore fishing lure

  • 12" length

  • Red and black

  • Premium vinyl double skirt

This lure is red and black, weighs about 1 1/2 pounds, and features a 4 inch bullet head for high speed trolling. High speed trolling is the most productive way to catch Wahoo. The lure measures 12" long and is a Wahoo killing machine! The chrome plated brass head is bullet shaped and weighs 1 1/2 pounds which allows this lure to be pulled at 15 knots and still stay in the water. Most Wahoo lures need extra lead trolling weights to stay in the water at these speeds but this lure does not. This is the perfect lure for your next Marlin, Wahoo or Dolphin excursion. Change skirts easily by removing the 5/8" bolt and nylon ring that is jetted through the back of the lure. Thread the bolt out and change skirts in seconds. Featuring a double skirt made of premium vinyl for great looks and durability with silver flakes for extra flash.