3-Pack Saltwater Trolling Feather Jigs


$55.00 $90.00

  • Offshore fishing lures

  • 3 pack saltwater feather trolling jigs

  • Come in red/black, blue/white, purple/black

  • Durable vinyl feather skirt

  • Holographic head reflects deep into the water

Big 3 pack of our best selling Wahoo and Yellowfin Tuna rigs. These 6" feather lures were made popular by the Japanese fishing fleet, because they work! Red and black feathered trolling jig, blue and white feathered trolling jig, and purple and black feathered trolling jig. These lures work great for jigging or trolling. Tough vinyl and feather skirt, holographic head that reflects deep into the water, movable eyes, 6' leader rigged with 200 lb. mono and a #6 stainless hook double crimped.