Shimano TOR30HGA Torium SW 30 High Gear Star Drag Reel



  • Line Retrieve Per Crank: 46" - Details: S A-RB Ball Bearing: 3; Roller Bearing: 1 - Gear ratio: High: 6.2:1 - Max drag: Full: 24 lb

Shimano Torium HGA Reels were designed To create a compact, rigid and powerful saltwater conventional reel with excellent castability and the durability expected by saltwater anglers.Features:• Compact design using S-Compact body. Power, rigidity, durability. A key element to the new Torium reels, the S-Concept Body feature results in a reel that feels one size smaller in your hand, plus offers durability. The B side sideplate (A side has the handle, drag adjustment and cast control knob) is all one piece, contributing to both rigidity and in-the-hand palming comfort.• E.I. surface treatment to improve corrosion resistance. With E.I. a second layer of surface treatment is added after the anodizing process. This treatment is forced into any micro sized surface impurities, giving salt no place to adhere and no chance for corrosion to start.• Cross Carbon drag giving the reel smother and more durable drag performance. The ideal material for the high drag pressure setting, with smoothness and consistent performance.