Spydro boat mount with removable attachment for other mounts


$35.00 $49.99


Spydro Boat Mount - Special Holder for Spydro Underwater Fishing Camera

THE ONLY ONE with the unique design designated to firmly grasp the Spydro camera. Your Spydro camera is perfectly safe and won't fall off.

CATCH MORE FOOTAGE of your fishing journey, make sure to record the amazing sights during the boat ride to show your friends and family the whole picture

3M STICKER - NOT SUCTIONchoose the best spot to place the boat mount for capturing a great view. If you have have more than one "best" spot, consider getting more than one boat mount!

STICK TO SMOOTH SURFACES to ensure the best stability and long lasting use of this camera holder, place it on a flat surface with no dents or rough texture

MAKE AMAZING VIDEOSusing the boat mount as it allows you to easily capture the beginning and the end of your adventure