4.75" Fully Rigged Fishing Spoons/ Custom Spoons and Bundles Inside!

  • 4.75" Spoon

  • Tandem Double 4/O Hooks

  • M3 Double Hook Teaser Rig

  • Biteproof 60lb Leader

  • Total Overall Length 11"

  • Fully Rigged Spoon Weight Approx 1 oz

  • Double Sided Powder Coating

  • UV & Chip Resistant

These are 3-in fully rigged spoons that have a duo snap lock clip with a double hook patented M3 rig with two hooks these usually contain a double 4/0 hook set up in tandem. These clips make them easy to change and interchange in and out quick and fast.


M3Tackle offers fully rigged 4 inch fluke spoons. These spoons come pre-rigged with all the necessary components for effective fishing. The 4-inch size is ideal for attracting a wide range of fish species. The fluke spoons are professionally rigged by M3Tackle to ensure maximum performance and durability. Designed to mimic the appearance and movement of live bait, these spoons are perfect for anglers looking to catch fish in various water conditions. With M3Tackle's fully rigged 4-inch fluke spoons, you can be confident in your fishing gear and increase your chances of landing a huge fluke or fish of a lifetime!