GoFish Underwater Camera


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How it works:

1. Tie between your mainline and leader, Unscrew housing, Turn on, press record, go fishing (can also be operated through the Gofish Cam app)

2. Three ways to get footage when you retrieve the camera:

     a- Connect USB to computer

     b- Remove SD and insert in computer

     c- Turn on Camera's Wi-fi hotspot and connect to your phone utilizing the GoFish Cam app when the cam exits the water's surface. (phone signal not required to use)

 Key features:

-Rated for 500 feet on the depth, but has been tested up to 2000 feet with no issues.

-Military grade housing with attachment point rating of 1000lbs

-Does not affect the presentation of any lure or bait when casting, trolling, or bottom fishing.

-Hi-Def recording at 1080p @ 60FPS, optional settings of 1080p @ 30FPS or 720p @ 620FPS

-Camera accepts a SD card up to 64g.

-Rechargeable lithium ion batteries with included micro USB cable

-Battery Life 1.5 hours at max resolution (2.5 hours at lowest resolution)

-155 degree field of view

-Green LED for night fishing or murky/deep water  

-Included bobber for live streaming to a mobile device 

-Produces its own Wifi hotspot for mobile device connection

 "What if I lose it?"

High pound test braid as main line and lighter mono or flor leader to assure leader will break before the main line does. Camera insurance protection is also offered directly through GoFishCam.com website.

 They also handle all warranties (1 year on total unit) and offer camera loss protection.