Single Spoon Hi-Lo Rig Bucktail 7/0 + 6/0 M3 Hooks




30Lb Monofilament Hi Seas Clear Fishing line.


This fishing rig is perfect for catching a variety of fish, including fluke, sea bass, and bottom fish. 


The single spoon hilo rig with the spoon on the top following a bucktail teaser side and a M3 7/0 Hook and a single bucktail slide 6/0 M3 hook on the bottom.


Included Glow beads bottom and top!


The bucktail design attract fish with ease, while the 6/0 M3 hooks ensure a secure catch. Whether you're a seasoned fisherman or just starting out, this rig is a must-have for your tackle box. Its unique bait shape, specifically fish, is sure to entice even the most cautious fish to take a bite. Add this rig to your collection and enhance your chances of a successful fishing trip.