In-Line Rattle Spinner Beads Lure Offshore Tackle




Torpedo Line rattles green spinning with fins 2.0mm


 1 , 5 or 15 Pieces 



* brand new high quality.


*Made of high-quality materials, durable.


*Supercharge your lure with a turbo rattler

*Designed to move through the water and rotate creating turbulence,which causes the ball bearings inside to transmit noise and vibration that mimic the distrees signal of injured baitfish.

*Easy to use and fits in front of any can use these with live pr dead bait rigs, or with your favorite lure.


*Material: PVC+Stainless Steel


*Color: Random color (as shown in the picture)

*Size: 24mm (approximately)

*Weight: 3.33g/pc (approx)