Fishing in Line Rattles for Catfish, Stripers many Species Terminal Tackle Usa




Fishing line rattles for catfish , stripers, and many other species of fish. . Condition is New. Shipped with USPS First Class Package.

These inline rattles spin and are very loud get to attract fish!  They have an 3mm inner diameter hole with fit many larger lines!

Attaches to your fishing line to create attractive rattling sound

Add some rattle sound to your line. Fish are attracted and aggressive hit wh rattles.  They are attracted to sounds and vibrations in the water and if the fish are around the noise they are going to strike.

Wherever you are bank or jetty fishing, drifting, anchored, and  trolling add an inline rattle to create some vibrations to attract fish.. 

  IF  you are interested in larger quantities please message me!

Thanks for looking!