3-Way Beaded Rolling T Swivel Fishing Tackle 60lb


SKU: 195070822727


10 Pack of 60 lbs test!

Stainless 3-Way Beaded Rolling T Swivel

3-Way Swivels are smooth performing, rolling swivels, which minimize line twist and maximize action.

The premium black nickel finish is camouflaged and great in both freshwater and saltwater.

Whether casting, drifting, trolling, fishing from a boat or from shore; Thundermist T-Turn 3-Way Swivels keep your line tangle free, even in varying currents keeping your 3-way connection neat and "perfect" every time!

Ideal for chasing bottom feeders

Heavy-duty construction

Glow beads add attraction

Perfect for chasing bottom feeders, the Heavy-Duty Rolling T Swivel with Glow Beads delivers the durability you need to wrestle with monster bottom dwellers. Integrated glow beads add a little extra attraction in dark or murky water.