20/0 Shark Circle hook Mustad 39960 Large Fishing Hook Big Game Tackle Tinned




Duratin Coating for legal shark regulations

39960 offset shank and point size of 18/0 ringed forged Offset see image with ruler for actual size. 

Duratin Coating .200 diameter wire 3 1/4 inch length 1.475 inch gape (approximately) 

Hooks are in 3 or 6 pieces...

 magnetic as it contains Iron up to 87% in order to be heat treated which makes the material hard and keeps them from straightening out while fishing.

This is the same material used in the manufacturing of stainless steel kitchen knives and Mustads Stainless Steel Fish Hooks.

Can be used for rock cod , chunk fishing for tuna, Alaskan Halibut, Shark fishing, any bottom fishing or live bait fishing with great results.

Good luck Good fishing and tight lines always.

Ships USPS mail with delivery confirmation either First Class or Priority mail flat rate envelope based on weight.