Deep Drop 3.5in Squid Bottom Fishing Rig Glow Tile Rose Snapper Cod Grouper Golden Halibut

The Legend



Deep Drop Bottom Fishing Rig Glow 

Tile Rose Snapper Cod Grouper Golden Blue Line

Deep drop tile rigs for Golden's and Blue lines...  Plus many more

200 lb heavy duty rolling swivel at top

2     3.5 Inch Squids Glow

Heavy duty aluminum crimps

130lb Hi seas monofilament line

48 inch overall with 2 middle leaders and 10 inch each

Glow beads inside and Glow squids... 

Gamakatsu Clone Strong 7/0 octopus beak j hook

175lb 3 way swivels

135lb nice snap lock clip for brass clip on weight at bottom.