Epoxy Resin Wood Custom 2 Shelves an 1 Toilet Paper Holder Green Shelf Wall Art

Epixy River Concepts

SKU: 194317582009


Epoxy Resin Wood Custom Shelves Toilet Paper Holder Green Shelf Custom Wall Art.

Epoxy Shelves

Toilet Paper Holder

3 Shelves Total

With hangers and hardware included.

Custom Metallic Green

Epoxy Shelf with Hangers 2 Shelves Custom Blue Pour With Live Edge Wall Art Deco.

Oak Maple wood poured epoxy this is a style color translucent comes with black hangers for wall mount and will include a pack of installation screws with anchors as well.

These one-offs are customs and are highly sought after and very rare beautiful to add to any room in your home.

We have many available and can make custom ones on demand if need be you can message me we also have tables and anything with epoxy or woodwork and CNC routing we have full capable abilities with and can make your dreams come true with any awesome art decor you can dream of!