Fishing Glow Bead 10 x 18 mm Terminal Tackle Luminous Float Jewelry Crafts Arts




25 , 50 , 10 and 250 Pieces Per Pack  FREE SHIPPING

Glow Luminous Fishing Tackle Rig Beads Oblong Oval Egg 10 x 18 mm GREEN GLOW

These are perfect for rigging your tackle.   

Glow Fishing Beads attract more big fish.

They are also used for deep drop rigs, trolling lures, add to skirts, and protect rod heads.

Many freshwater and saltwater fishermen use these in their tackle arsenal...!!

3mm large hole, 3/8" x 5/8" - 10mm x 18mm, Oval ,Oblong Egg Hard Luminous Fishing Beads

Make your own tackle!

They float!

Can be used for Jewelry making!

Thanks for looking!