Custom Image Flutter Spoons 8" in 20 cm. 4 oz. unrigged




These spoons come unrigged but include 2 split rings a 9/0 hook and a barrel swivel.... this way you guys can rig it up however you like ... I Our Powdercoating on these is top of the line!  Looking for the perfect fishing lure to catch bass, striper, tuna, musky, and halibut? Look no further than this flutter spoon fishing jig! With a fish-shaped bait design and made with quality materials, this jig is sure to attract even the most elusive fish. Perfect for both casting and jigging, this lure is a must-have for any avid fisherman.  These are also customizable If there's an image you want or design you want please email us and we can make any custom image you would like Thank you there is a minimum of five per design..