2.5" Green Glow B2 Squid Hi-Lo Rig

B2 Squid Hi-Lo

SKU: 194996828426


2 Hi-Lo Fishing Rigs Double Hook Bait Wreck 2.5" GREEN GLOW  Squid Teasers

30lb. MONO

This is a Hi-Lo with 2 Glow Squids 2.5 inches in length on 2 , 4in dropper loops.  

36 inches overall with a barrel swivel to connect your main line.

Has a mustad 7/0 Hook on the bottom and 6/0 Hook on the top!

Dropper clinch know at the bottom for your weight!

Great for any type of bottom fishing from fluke, sea bass,  striper, ling cod etc... etc so on