Hi - Lo Fishing Line Rig 50lb Double Dropper Loop make ur own rig just add hooks

double dropper loop fishing line rig

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50 lb Hi Lo

Hi - Lo Fishing Line Rig Double Dropper Loop make you own rig just add hooks! .

Condition is New. Shipped with USPS First Class.

Barrel swivel 150lbs tied at top with overall 36 inch length with 5 inch break away clinch knot. 

With 2 - 8 inch Dropper Loops 12 inches down .  

This Hi-Lo includes the mono leader and Barrel

Swivel to directly tie and make your own rigs for whatever type of fishing from Catfish to Stripers To fluke to see bass tgey get it Done for most species they are available in other sizes and lengths... THANK YOU