Silicone Fishing Skirt 4" in / 10 cm Glow Tails Fishing Lure Teaser Micro Tackle


SKU: 194232220705


GREEN GLOW AND WHITE with SPARKLE GLOW TAILS ...  15 Pieces in this listing ..

Micro Silicone Teaser Skirts w/ Tail Lot Fluke, Seabass, Bluefish, Cod, Bass. Hole-in-One Micro Silicone Teaser Skirts w/ Tail Sparkle and a few with curly tail.

This is the ultimate skirt style for complex baitfish patterns since the strands can't wiggle out of place. Each strand on these skirts are sandwiched between an outer band and an inner core hub. This perfectly locks every strand in their original positions, this avoids a lopsided skirt. It always maintains its coloration and symmetrical strand balance; so when you want to represent a small baitfish or complex color pattern that has distinct back, side and belly colors, the skirt more realistically simulates and maintains a small baitfish or complex configuration. The inner hub has edges that gives a permanent bloom or flare to both sides of the skirt where the strands come off the hub. There is a flare or 'puff' on both sides of the skirt where it comes off the core, which gives the skirt a plumper, livelier appearance and a bouncier wriggling action than a standard flat-banded skirt. For additional Attraction, we have added a glow tail which provides even more action to entice a bite. Each skirt has from 40 to 45 strands. They are made using some of the best skirt material in the world. It is super soft for pulsating breathing skirt action. There are many other colors to chose from in my other listings... ( Glow, White, Neon , Pink, Pink White, Nuclear Chicken, Yellow Chartreuse /white, Blue/white tri color orange/ green / yellow , orange and yellow/pink). Each tail glows in the dark as well!!! If you are using these skirts to add to a jig, I have used them up to3 oz.. They're also great for Hi Lo rigs... please keep that in mind. Message me if you looking for more or would like a mixed color pack!